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6M Meeting

The 6M project meeting was held in Barcelona, at EURECAT facilities (Barcelona, Spain), during 18th-19th October 2016.

All the partners were present and WP leaders presented a summary of the activities performed during the first 6 months in each WP, as well as the plans for the next 6 months period.

As expected, this first period was heavilly focused on defining the initial set of materials to be tested for the different components of 1D-Neon, as well as to define methodologies to characterize them (WP1 and 2). Plans for implementation of WP3 and WP4 (starting in M6 and M12, respectively) were also discussed. Procedures for model development and parameter extraction for fiber transistors as well as initial attempts to simulate in 3D these devices using Silvaco TCAD tools were presented in WP5. Naturally, safety and standardization also started to be addressed (WP6). Planned dissemination/exploitation events and explanation of website implementation were presented in WP7.

A lab tour including EURECAT and functional textiles laboratory (Canet de Mar) was also performed.