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At a glance

The vision of 1D-NEON is to develop fibre-based smart materials along with an integrated technology platform for the manufacturing in Europe of new products with multi-sectorial applications in consumer electronics, energy, healthcare and fitness, smart buildings, sensors and e-skin for soft robotics.

Our unique design and manufacturing approach will address both technical performance and cost-effectiveness of selected multisectorial applications, targeting sustainable development of new high-value, high performance devices and systems that could be integrated safely into everyday objects for an improved quality of life.

Project numbers and facts

Title of the project: 1D Nanofibre Electro-Optic Networks (1D-NEON)
Grant agreement: 685758
Type of project: NMP
Duration: 48 months (1st April 2016 to 31st March 2020)
14 partners
Total budget: EUR 9106237,25 (EU contribution EUR 7995648,88)
Total manpower: 1191.3 person-months
Project coordinator: Prof. Jong Min Kim (University of Cambridge)