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innoLAE 2017 - e-fibres/e-textiles workshop

The 3rd Annual Innovations in Large Area Electronics (innoLAE 2017) conference will host a thematic workshop on e-fibres and e-textiles, which is co-organised with the H2020 EC-funded project “1D Nanofibre Electro-Optic Networks (1D-NEON)”.

When: Day 2 of innoLAE (1 February 2017)
Time:  13:45 - 16:20

The workshop will feature four excellent invited talks followed by a panel discussion exploring the impact of the latest research on e-fibres and e-textiles in various industry sectors, both clothing and non-clothing, and ways to accelerate commercialisation.


Workshop keynote

Professor Jong Min Kim, University of Cambridge and Project Coordinator of 1D-NEON
Talk title: Nanotechnology convergence for Large-Area Electronics
The talk will address technology challenges and opportunities for large-area electronics in the e-fibres and e-textiles market. 



Invited talks

Dr. Paolo Canonico, Global and R&D Director of SAATI (a global textile player with headquarters in Milan) and Chairman of the ETP (European Technology Platform of technical textiles and clothing)
Talk title: E-textile and strategic innovation and research agenda for European textile and clothing Industry



Francesca Rosella, Creative Director, and Ryan Genz, CEO, CuteCircuit (an internationally-known fashion house which has introduced many ground-breaking ideas to the fashion world by integrating beauty and functionality through the use of smart textiles and micro-electronics)



Dr Mark Pedley, Director & CIO of SmartLife (specialised in smart garment technology, they have developed innovative, patented textile sensors, electronics and firmware that are capable of detecting the body’s biophysical signals and delivering actionable insight to users via mobile apps). 
Talk title: Wellbeing without walls



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