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LOPEC 2017


The LOPEC conference, held in Munich (Germany) from 28-30 March 2017, is the world's leading communication platform in the field of printed electronics. 


This year 1D-NEON project's vision is presented on the Publicly Funded Projects session of Technical Conference.


1D-NEON partners Cambridge University, EURECAT and CeNTI are representing 1D-NEON featuring poster and oral contributions at LOPEC.


What: Presentation


Nanotechnology and textile electronics

  • 14 partners from 7 European countries
  • the main challenges of currently available state-of-the art technologies
  • The vision of 1D-NEON


Who: Prof. Jong Min Kim 1D-NEON coordinator from Cambridge University

When: 30th of March @ 16-16:20h

Where: Session Publicly Funded Projects Room 13a at the ICM



What: Poster 


Integration of electroactive fibers and yarn structures into automotive interiors for enhanced interactive surfaces and sensor actuator applications


Who: João Gomes from CeNTI

When: 29th of March @ 14:20-14:40h

Where: Technical Poster Session - Wearable Electronics



What: Presentation 


Printed Electronics for interactive and responsive automotive interior components


Who: André Pinto from CeNTI

When: 30th of March

Where: Session Automotive & Aerospace Room 13a at the ICM


Be sure to visit EURECAT's booth BO.219 in the exhibition area.


For further information refer to the LOPEC2017 program or website.